How To Win A Karaoke Contest

Winning at karaoke can be a great rush. To be surrounded by cheering fans amid the white lights of a karaoke stage is thrilling. To be a karaoke winner, though, you have to be good. A good singer can become great, and a fair singer can become a little better, by being conscious of crowd dynamics and vocal qualities. Beyond that, it’s all about natural talent and an element of chance.


  1. Know your lyrics. Just like a politician or a rock star, the karaoke champ has to have a good idea of what she is saying, or singing. Sure, you have the prompter, but that’s supposed to be a resource, not a crutch.
  2. Hone your voice. Practice at home: try to “renovate” your singing voice into a great, smooth voice with its own elements that make it uniquely yours. Imitating other singers is fine, but add your own personal elements.
  3. Don’t let emotions (or drink) get in the way. Karaoke is first and foremost about fun, but if you want to really shine at the mic, try mixing that wild, fun feeling with a little common sense, and keep squealing and giggling out of the mix.
  4. Do your best material. Find a style of song that you do really well and stick to it. Experimenting on stage is a vital part of karaoke, but you may not sound as good. Save that for the after-hours karaoke.
  5. Play to the crowd. Karaoke is judged in the court of public opinion. Playing to the crowd involves a number of different elements: eye contact, charisma, mood, conversation with the audience and so forth. Don’t force it, just act natural, and they’ll love you for being yourself.
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Winning Karaoke Contests: Nail the Lyrics and be a Winner

Winning Karaoke Contests are not just about hanging out at your local bar and casually—or drunkenly—singing song lyrics in front of an easy going crowd anymore.

It’s about competition. It’s about winning. It’s about prizes, trophies and money. Karaoke contests have become as popular as karaoke, itself.

Most karaoke contests have Best Male winner, Best Female winner and Best Duet winners categories for singers who can wow a panel of judges with their vocal prowess and knowledge of lyrics. But in a karaoke contest, you can’t just impulsively jump onstage, grab the microphone, hit a few sour notes, botch the lyrics and score points for making the audience laugh. This is no longer a game. Singing the lyrics to prerecorded music is now showbiz, baby!

And in showbiz, it’s about putting on an entire show. It’s not only about singing a song and acing its lyrics. It’s about your entire performance. The song you chose is the heart of that performance, though. So select a song you like and thoroughly know, with lyrics you could sing in your sleep. But no matter how much you like a song, skip it if it’s out of your vocal range, or if its lyrics trip up your tongue.

Make sure the song and its lyrics suit your voice. If your voice has a twang, go for a country song, not Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Is your voice gravelly? Maybe a Rod Stewart tune would be best for you. Do you have range and power? A Broadway show tune, with its dramatic melody and lyrics, might be a good choice.

Your song and its lyrics should be familiar to the audience, because their participation in your performance can score points for you. Even if you love an 18th century Irish folk song, and can sing its music and lyrics beautifully, force yourself to pick something more mainstream.

Dress like a star! Don’t just throw on torn jeans and a t-shirt you’ve pulled out of the hamper. Put on a cowboy hat, fringed vest, and cowboy boots if your song has country music and lyrics. Wear a tux or gown if you’re crooning a classic. Dress in leather if you’ll be roaring heavy metal, or like Elvis if you’ll be singing one of his numbers.

Before the performance, steer clear of alcohol. If you’re nervous, soak in a hot bath, or meditate to ease the tension. And never eat a big meal before you sing. Nobody wants anything other than a melody and lyrics coming out of your mouth while you’re onstage!

Have fun, make eye contact with the audience and judges, and work the stage. That doesn’t mean you need to breathe fire like Gene Simmons, or have a slew of choreographed dancers in tow, like Madonna. It means move around. Use gestures and body language that illustrate the lyrics, without getting corny. Bring the song and its lyrics to life.

If you don’t win, be gracious and professional. You’re not in a position to be a diva yet. And if you do win, it may just give you the confidence to pick another song, practice singing its lyrics, and take a shot at entering another karaoke contest!

Merryl Lentz

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Singing In Contests and How to Win Them

The cliche we have all heard so many times about singers being born but performers being made, may well be true working on the theory that people with good voices can be good singers, but let’s face it, not all singers are good performers. A singer, first and foremost has to have a good voice, but if he decides to pursue a career in singing, he also needs to be a great performer.

This is because there is an audience involved when someone wants to make it to the top in singing and, therefore, every singer has to have aims to become an entertainer as well.

The majority of singers make contests their springboard for success and every singer hopes to win every major contest they enter in order to be catapulted to the height of their profession.

When they win, this serves as a career boost mainly because there are likely to be recording studio scouts at the contests. If singers are good at what they do, it will not take long before their talents are noticed and they will soon be on the way to stardom.

So how does one go about winning these singing contests?

A singer needs to assess his singing quality. Better still, he could seek advice from an expert who will tell him in a frank manner what vocal quality he possesses. Being aware of his singing excellence will enable the singer to pick the right songs for his voice and this is the first step to being successful in the contests.

However great a voice a singer may have if the choice of song is inappropriate his chances of winning the contest will be greatly impaired. This is the reason why the choice of song has to be right for both his voice and his personality.

The singer needs to take time to create his own style once an appropriate song has been selected. Many singers do their best imitation of the original singer of the song they have chosen and this is not at all appreciated by the judges of the contests as the singer does not get the opportunity to put their own mark on the song. To be honest, you may as well just go along to the local karaoke bar if you intend to copy someone else’s style as well as their song.

Developing a style of your own would be admired by the judges who are more likely than not looking for new talent and the audience will also enjoy seeing a new performance. So stick to your own version and you will find you end up in first place, instead of being a runner up.

When your singing style has been developed, it is time to look at your performance as a whole. As mentioned earlier, it’s not just about singing, but about being a good all round performer. Do the song you are singing justice, not just in they way you sing it but in your body language when performing.

If you want to win singing contests, the way to do it is to develop your singing voice along with the power of your performance which will display your individual personality by way of your diction, your dress sense and your oozing self confidence.

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How to Win a Singing Contest – Tips to Finding the Star Within

A singing contest can be anything from your local karaoke contest at the public house to trying your hand at an X Factor audition. Either way the same attitude, confidence and talent will eventually rise to the top and win. It is important to follow these key points to help give you the best chance at winning a vocal contest.

Chose the right song

If you know you have a limited vocal range or that a particular style of song would suit your voice, then you must play to your strengths and pick a song that reflects something of you and sounds good at the same time. Look at many different songs at first and don’t be stuck with one track in mind and be afraid to try something else. Get family members or friends who can be completely honest with you to give you some advice on which track show cases your vocals in the best light.

Build Your Confidence

Have a little me time before a competition, pamper yourself with a facial and buy a new outfit but make sure that you dress for maximum confidence. Again, getting some advice if you’re not sure would help you. Then spend some time being a little flirty and build up some personality and charm. A bit of charisma will really help your performance stand out as being considered more playful or simply even more likable can really be the difference between people who have the same vocal talent as one another (if it comes down to it).

Professional Training

Go through a referral from someone who you know has used a vocal coach and get some professional training in vocal techniques, these will help you work on breathing, posture and how to give the best possible performance you can give. It will also build your confidence and help you perform, rather than just sing.

Be Original

When you’re performing having someone you admire in mind when you sing can sometimes mean you start trying to sound like them too, which quite frankly, if not done correctly, just sounds bad. Stay true to your voice, your accent and your tone, even if you can do a great impression, it doesn’t mean that you should.


Putting the right amount of emotion into a song will give it an authentic and heart-felt vibe but trying to put too much in can really ruin the vocals, whereas none at all can just make the sound seem flat and boring. So recording either just your voice or an actual performance will help you watch and listen to where your strengths and weaknesses are and see if you should change the level of emotions or feelings in the song to help it come across better to the audience or judges.

A judges opinion may not always reflect how an audience feels about the performance you give but you cannot please all the people all the time, but trying to maximise the impact and likability of your performance will certainly help you win votes from any judging panel. Don’t give up either!

Marcus Smythe – Marcus has been developing karaoke software at sing to the world for several years now.

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Winning a Karaoke Competition

Karaoke is one of the coolest thing to do these days. Many bars and clubs are having weekly karaoke nights, and many times, there will be karaoke contests with cash prizes! Winning a karaoke contest can be great fun as well as fun for your wallet, but isn’t it hard to win? Yes, it is hard, but it is not impossible!Karaoke is all about fun and energy. You would think a karaoke competition would be based on who has the best singing voice, but this is sadly not the case. So if you think you can sing like Mariah Carey, that’s awesome, but that alone will not make you the winner of a karaoke contest.The first thing you will want to do is to prepare yourself way before the actual contest. You could go into the bar the night of the competition and take first prize, but you will have a better chance of winning if you are prepared. So, choose a song. You want to choose a song that suits your voice. But do not choose a song just based on how well you can sing it. Your song needs to entertain people. Songs that get the crowd involved are going to be the best songs to choose.

Try picking a song that everyone knows such as I Will Survive! Most people know that song and it is quite popular. If you are a boy, you may just want to try singing a song that was written for a girl. Nothing is funnier to a bar full of people than a guy singing “Genie In A Bottle.”

Once you have chosen your song, it is important to figure out how you will act during your song. Choreograph your moves as best as you can beforehand. You want to get the crowd involved with your song, so do things that will get the crowd to clap or wave their hands around. You might also think about how you can get the crowd to sing along. If the judges see that the audience is having a great time and enjoying your performance, you will have a much better chance of winning the karaoke competition than a person who sang a simple song that suited their voice well and just stood there!

Choose your outfit wisely. You want to stand out, even if this means looking tacky or crazy. Wear bright colors or something flashy that will draw attention to you! Pick out some funky accessories as well like some big sunglasses, feather boas, or silly hats.

When the time comes for the karaoke contest, make sure you are ready to go. Hopefully no one else will sign up for your song. Don’t get nervous because it will show. Ham it up while you are singing and make sure to interact with the audience. If you follow these tips you should have no problem taking home first prize in your karaoke competition.

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Performance Techniques – How to Win the Karaoke Contests and Become the ‘Star of the Bar’

Visit a popular karaoke club and you are sure to hear several performers who draw such comments as “what are you doing here? You should be on tv.” or “You’re really great. I wish you would sing more.” You might not want to admit it, but you probably would like to be one of those popular performers. I’m writing this to tell you that you CAN be among the elite karaoke performers. All you need is a few guidelines and a short period of diligent work.

Here are my time-tested guidelines:

1. Having a great (or even good) vocal quality and range is not required for you to pull off a song which draws complements and positive attention. Think of your voice as the instrument you use to “play” your song. A good guitar player doesn’t need an expensive, high quality guitar to create terrific music. Give them a $50.00 guitar from Walmart and they’ll bring a song to life. Of course, playing a better instrument will improve the rendition, but isn’t a necessary element.

2. Pick songs that you feel comfortable with, and can sing all the highest and lowest notes.

3. Learn the words. If you are having to depend on the screen display you won’t come across as one of those special singers. If needed, use the screen display for security, but don’t be addicted to it.

4. Practice at home, adding your own unique little changes to the original recording. Work in front of a mirror, perfecting your own moves and expressions.

5. Pick 5 or 6 of the songs you do best and put them on a cd in the right keys for your voice. Karaoke emcees often have to choose between several different backing tracks from different companies, and you might get one you are unfamiliar with. Have the emcee use the songs from your cd. You won’t have the lyrics up on a screen, but you know all the words. Right?

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Karaoke Winner Walks Off With A Million Dumplings

By itnnews

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